pelvic exam

redhead gyno patient

The nurse in a sexy uniform helped the redhead girl to undress and then followed the physical exam routine, checked the blood pressure, took the patient’s pulse, filled in the check list, examined her breasts and then moved on to pelvic exam and rectal exam.

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pelvic exam videos

Below you can download free videos of a medical exam featuring blonde petite nurse who checked the patient’s vitals and got down to business of examining her nice pink pussy.

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nature nurse medical exam

Nurse Johnson has been working for the clinic for many years and she is very professional when it comes to gyno exams especially when a teen patient comes in and is very embarrassed and shy and won’t talk easily about her problems.

She talks to her and makes her relax during the whole physical

especially when it comes to pap smear and vaginal exam

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medical exam and syringe

She took me down a few floors and into an unused examination room. In the center of the room was a typical exam table complete with the stirrups to keep a girl’s cunt open and available. I assumed she would put me up there and do something else to me.

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busty medical exam

I’ll just spam you with some pictures of a hottie with curves who’s at the gyn’s for her regular physical.

She undressed and felt extremely ill at ease as the doctor asked her question about her partners and sex life.

When it comes to pelvic exam the patient is brave enough to let the doctor between her legs with some plastic device she’d never seen.

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guide to rectal exam

The genitals are examined by the doctor in a manner determined to be most appropriate.  She spends as much time as is required to conduct a thorough examination, not being concerned that the patient may be getting aroused or is embarrassed by her touch; she may even continue to take advantage of his embarrassment.

Prior to a rectal exam being performed, the doctor tells the patient that his temperature is going to be checked rectally.  The patient tries to resist and decline, but the doctor succeeds in having the patient submit to the thermometer.  The patient’s anus and rectum are lubricated and the thermometer is lubricated in front of the patient before it is inserted.

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blonde gyno exam videos

The mature doctor was taking notes while examining this blonde

The patient was informed that a pelvic examination was part of the complete physical.  She indicated that she had been examined by a gynecologist on a number of occasions.
The patient’s gown was removed fully and she declined my offer for covering her upper extremities and/or draping the area below her hips. The patient was asked to move herself farther down the table, placing her buttocks at the table’s edge.  She complied without hesitation, and upon her buttocks reaching the table’s edge, she placed her feet in the
examining stirrups. There was no pubic hair around the labia, perineum, or anus.   Internal examination of the genitalia revealed no abnormalities. However, there were sufficient natural secretions that lubricating gel was not required for the digital examination or insertion of the speculum.  Bi-manual examination revealed that all reproductive organs were properly aligned. The patient’s vagina accommodated a speculum. During the pelvic examination, natural secretions continued to be emitted from the patient’s vagina.  Further, upon insertion of my finger into the patient’s vagina I observed that her hips raised toward insertion and the vaginal walls contracted during palpitation. Respiration increased. Upon removing my fingers, I noticed that the patients hips continued to gyrate while respiration decreased.

perfect ass medical exam

If you asked me how I would call this set I’d say “Doctor, Nurse and the Perfect Ass”. No seriously, check out this gorgeous latina’s tight and beautiful arse

so here she is in the doctor’s office stripping off her clothes and putting on the gown

and to top it all – some pics of her pelvic exam

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nice ass medical fetish

Check out the teen with a perfectly shaped booty who recently was the patient of Doctor tushy gyno clinic. She answered several questions to the nurse and then undressed, turning her gorgeous ass to the camera and here we are – those nice photos of her butt

and another one

The nurse carried out flexibility check and then went on with the pelvic exam

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teen vagina pumped

Tina attended her doctor for some regular pelvic exam

and got a bonus – the old doctor used a pump to make her pussy lips more swollen. She seemed to enjoy the treatment

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pelvic exam videos

Maria is here for her routine medical exam. She is very surprised by seeing the nurse wearing high heels and white stockings. Still she spreads her legs like the good girl she is. She has no idea there’s a hidden camera filming her nude vagina

see more girls busted on gyno exams

anal exam gallery full nude medical exam gallery gyno doctor gallery

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pelvic exam interrogation story

a part of gynecology exams

Amy went to examination room in order to pass unusual pelvic examination.But first of all she has answer some intimate questions (read below):

the female doctor was a big help. The lady doctor are much tender with the female patient then rude males.

Dr.: Can you explain?

Amy: Yeah. She took me to the doctor and, you know, they have to do an exam before
they’ll prescibe the pill. Like a full physical with blood stuff and everything. He showed
me how to do a breast self-exam on myself. Sort of like the spook likes me to rub my
titties, you know. And he did the first exam. It really wouldn’t have been all that
exciting. You know, more like doctor rubbing rough and all. But while he was doing
one breast, spook was doing the other one. Playing with my nipple and getting it hard
and stuff. And that made it a whole lot more exciting. Then he did the pelvic exam
with that big cold metal thing and while the doctor was looking inside me, spook was
rubbing my clit. I was already nervous and when he did that, I came like gangbusters.

Dr.: What did the doctor think of that? Did he see you being manipulated?

Amy: No. I sort of hoped he would since then someone else would have seen it. But he
didn’t. I guess he was too busy looking inside me or something. But when I got excited
and then when I came, he got really worried and strange. Said that wasn’t a normal
reaction to the pelvic exam at all and that it hardly ever happens. But most women
don’t have their clit played with while the doctor is looking inside either.

peep in the next examination room >>

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