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Check out how the nurse apparently enjoys giving those boobies a checkup

And here is a bonus rectal exam video where the nurse fingers the hairy asshole and then inserts a rectal thermometer

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“Nurse Adams is going to hold your buttocks apart while I lubricate your rectum. This will make the thermometer go in a lot easier and you won’t even notice it.” While I was looking up the end of the examining table, greeted by the view of two gorgeous buttocks and the faint site of a neatly trimmed bush, Nurse Adams separated Sally’s buttocks and made my view even better. Now, I could clearly see her rectum and the trail of hair which tried to protect the opening to her vagina. But, this exposed position had taken advantage of the opportunity to provide me with a full shot of both orifices.

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Dr. Joyce was spreading KY jelly on her index finger and then she began to apply it to Sally’s rectum. She spread it all around the area and then began to insert her finger just to the first knuckle. “Dr. Joyce, STOP, that feels weird. It’s worse than what I remember.” Dr. Joyce continued to lubricate the inside of Sally’s rectum and as she removed her finger she said, “Sally, it’s not as bad as you’re making it out to be. And, I have to insert my finger all the way inside later on when we do the rectal examination. I’d recommend that you try to loosen up a little bit. Now, I’m going to insert the thermometer.”

As Nurse Adams continued to hold Sally’s buttocks apart, Dr. Joyce removed her finger and quickly placed the thermometer inside Sally’s cheeks.

rectal thermometer

As the thermometer slid inside, Sally began to whimper. Nurse Adams began to massage Sally’s buttocks and said, “Don’t worry Sally. I know this is a new experience for you, and nobody likes it. But, we take everybody’s temperature this way and its not really that bad if you don’t make it more than what it is.” Nurse Adams’ massage of Sally’s buttocks became more expansive, and she rubbed Sally’s back and legs, always returning to her buttocks and thighs. I could see that this massage had relaxed Sally as her buttocks lost their tension and she spread her legs to the width that Dr. Joyce had positioned them. “Nurse Adams, why don’t you go to Examining Room # 2 and start with Mr. Johnson. I’ll continue with Sally and you can return when I do the pelvic exam. Take all of his vital signs, and I believe you know how to conduct the respiratory and abdominal examinations”, instructed Dr. Joyce.

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