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I picked up the speculum with one hand and with the other I gently spread the inner and outer lips of her by now very moist vagina. Slowly but deftly I inserted the instrument to it’s fullest depth and then turned it slowly from side to side as I viewed once again her uterus. When I finally got it to the position I wanted I pressed the lock and with a loud click it locked in its fullest open position. As it did, I just happened to look up at her face and saw her eyes open as widely as they could and a look of fright come over her face. I reassured her that all was OK and that the sound she had heard was only the instrument locking into place. She returned back to her point of fixation on the ceiling and I to my fixation point deep inside the tunnel I had created within her.

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Now I took my long stemmed Q-tip and passing it through the speculum I gently wiped at the oozing which was coming from her uterus. She appeared not to notice anything that I was doing at this point and was obviously somewhere else mentally. I removed and discarded the Q-tip and ever so slowly began removing the still open speculum from her vagina. As I got it about half way out I could see the moisture on the inner walls of her vagina and knew that she was enjoying her visit to my office, despite her signs of apprehension and fear. I released the lock on the speculum and removed it from her entirely. Her face showed a sign of relief and she smiled at me momentarily, then returning to her spot on the ceiling. I told her that the examination was almost over and that she was being a very good patient and complimented her on how relaxed she was. I told her that many of my patients tensed up during the exam and that it just made it more difficult for me and more uncomfortable for them.