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This sultry teen with perfect small tits and slim body is having the most embarrassing and unpleasant examination she had ever had.

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The doctor couldn’t get her teen patient take off her clothes so she had to call the sexy nurse to show there is nothing to be embarrassed of. The nurse quickly unbuttoned her uniform and showed her perfect small tits.

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vaginal examinationEmbarrassed teen redhead had to undress in a room full of people. The two nurses then walked her into the examination room and started checking up her body – head to toe. nothing was left unattended.

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Sammie showed up for her annual physical and gyno examination. She quickly shed her clothes and was ready for the doctor to examine her.

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Cute Sandra made an appointment with her gyn after she had unprotected sex with one of the baseball players from her college team. They were so busy licking and kissing and touching and all that they forgot to put on a condom. Now three weeks later Sandra suspects she might be pregnant and is scared to death. The gyn is going to check her vagina and after the urine analysis and pelvic exam Sandra will know for sure.

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Cute Samantha came to the clinic for a physical required to get admitted to college. She is not shy and loves her body so the whole exam was not an embarrassing procedure. She felt at ease and happily chatted to the nurse while she sticked her finger up her arsehole.

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Nurse Johnson has been working for the clinic for many years and she is very professional when it comes to gyno exams especially when a teen patient comes in and is very embarrassed and shy and won’t talk easily about her problems.


She talks to her and makes her relax during the whole physical


especially when it comes to pap smear and vaginal exam


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Cindy just applied for a new job and the employer asked that she went through some procedures including physical exam and gyno exam. So here we go – the pale skinny teen goes from bueish white to purple in a matter of seconds when the nurse asked her to spread her legs wide for her to examine that nice tight virgin pussy

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the latina nurse is experienced enough to perform medical examination all on her own. The doctor is busy with other patients and she tends to the beautiful redhead teen with very pale skin. The patient undressed and the examination started.

The latina asked readhead cutie to bend down as low as she could to check the flexibility and her spine. She took some notes in her notebook as the teen was standing bent almost in half.

Then the brunette nurse examined the small perky tits of hers.

As the teen turned out to be still a virgin the gyno exam with specula was impossible so the nurse got down to anal exam immediately.

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The cute teenage brunette liked the gentle and professional doctor. They shaked hands and the doctor asked several questions before telling the girl to undress and put on a medical gown.


Check out thet sexy bum which is not covered by the medical gown. The doctor is checking the patient’s weight.


Some breast feeling. The doctor touched and squeezed those small titties.


Here we are finally. The doc put on her gloves and with the patient’s legs in stirrups she slowly inserted one finger up that shaved goodness.


And yet again the doctor fingered the teen’s asshole with her lubed finger.

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The cute teen was accepted to college. She is about to leave her home town for campus. The last thing to do is have a medical exam list. So here she is and the doctor talks to her about the gyno exam and pap smear. The teen patient takes off her clothes for a full nude gyno exam and lays completely still on the gyno chair as the nurse prepares her gloves and a cotton bud.

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Teen cutie with red hair and a charming smile turned up at the doctor’s office late in the day. She cheerfully explained she needed a medical exam to be accepted to work as a waitress.

The doctor gladly obliged by checking her heart rate and examining her nice boobies. He also checked her vagina which was followed by a bonus anal exam


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Check out the downloadable videos delivered straight from Doctor Tushy. The sexy blonde with small tits squirms gorgeously when the nurse starts fingering her clean shaved pussy.

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Jessie came from sunny Miami where she spent most of her days on the beach or near the pool, sun tanning or partying with her friends. Her life was a paradise until her parents cut off her money finally realising she was useless. She had to move to a cheaper flat in the outskirts of NY city and find a job as a waitress as she doesn’t know anything else. To get the job she needed medical exam which turned out to be utter humiliation.http://www.tushycash.com/content/galleries/DoctorTushy/pics/138y/contents/bimages/1.jpg

She had never been told what to do in such situation. The doctors she had met in Miami were so enchanted with her or with her parents’ money that she felt like a princess during the whole exam. This time the female nurse gave zero fucks about her glamorous past life and her tanned skin. She told her to undress and do it fast – in this cheap hospital there were always long queues of patients waiting for their turn. The vaginal exam was the worst part. No tender and caring fingers – all rough and long digits, parting her labia and intruding her dry insides.

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