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Nurse Sally had just graduated and this is her first job in private gyno practice. When the tall patient starts to undress she turns her gaze away and blushes slightly. She checked her vitals just like she was taught, then examined her breasts and finally came down to what she dreaded most – pelvic exam. All went fine though.

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Special delivery today. The blonde patient is eager as hell to undress when she sees the male doctor enter the exam room. She leans into his touch as he examines her boobs and all but moans when he inserts his finger for the vagina exam

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Teen with a tattoo feels completely at ease while exposed in front of this old perverted doc. He examined her nice small tits and then went straight to the pelvic exam.

He inserted a pussy spreader and took a peek at the pink insides.

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Rebecca came for her appointment with the gyn doctor. She explained that after one incident that she wouldn’t detail she had lower sensitivity in her labia and G-spot. The doctor told her to undress and lay on her back.

She examined her insides while the nurse was taking notes of what she was explaining. It turned out that the lack of sensitivity was caused by strain and nervousness. As soon as the patient relaxed in the expert hands of her doctor she nearly climaxed by the touch.

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The bleach blonde patient of Doctor tushy gyno clinic strips off her top and shows her nice firm tetters.

The nurse leads her to the scales and rights down her weight.

After the weight check the blonde is asked to lie on her back on the couch and the nurse puts her legs in stirrups for vagina exam. Then she proceeds to put on her gloves and lube her fingers before inserting them into the shaved pink.

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Brunette fattie Jasmin tells the nurse that she was on pill for two years and now she gave it up because she was getting married and they want to have kids. The nurse has to check her cevrix to make sure everything is fine

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